Today, India has the third largest TV households globally. The world of children’s entertainment in India has been experiencing nothing short of a historic breakthrough. After decades of unparalleled dominance by International characters, it is the Indian animated characters like Chhota Bheem, Little Krishna, Roll No 21, Mighty Raju, Motu Patlu etc. which are dominating the Indian Television space. Local Intellectual Property (IP) creation has picked up momentum in the industry.
Our Company being an old team player in this sector has realized that there is immense dearth of good Indian animation title in the sector and the scarcity has forced the television channels to opt for foreign animation titles or repetitions. At this juncture, animationbazar.com will be a unanimous platform for catering the needs of national and regional channels with the aim of 100 distinctive Indian Animation Titles. Our portal shall be accessible to the numerous national and regional TV Channels who can log into our portal and obtain Indian Animation Titles as per their choice.
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